Want to make work from home more productive? Co-living is the solution!

For some people, working in a co-living space increases productivity and creativity more than in the office. Is it true?

Want to make work from home more productive? Co-living is the solution!

With the development of increasingly sophisticated technology and communication, working remotely has become common.

Even for some people, work from home increases productivity and creativity more than in the office. Especially when everyone is required to carry out social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

That is the reason why the popularity of the co-living or communal living lifestyle is increasing, especially in big cities like Jakarta. For those of you who are not familiar with this term, co-living is the concept of sharing a place with other people as a community.

The concept of sharing residence is believed to increase work productivity, but is it true?

Facilities that support work from home and team collaboration

The co-living space unit is specially designed to support remote workers, digital nomads, and entrepreneurs who are starting their businesses. This means that all remote work needs, from comfortable desks and chairs to fast internet access, have all been provided by the co-living provider.

In fact, some co-living spaces also provide co-working spaces and all the supporting facilities. The existence of this co-working facility has made many startup founders and teams choose to live in a co-living space with the aim of increasing productivity and connections between team members.

A community that can motivate and provide opportunities

People who choose to live in a living space usually have similar goals, priorities, and work ethics. They are usually highly motivated people who can inspire you with their ideas, knowledge, and personal experiences. This will certainly motivate you to be more productive and creative.

Other than being motivating, this community also provides you with new opportunities. Members of your co-living community could possibly be your business partner, provide interesting projects, or become a pioneer for investors.

Figure out the most productive ways of working

Living in a co-living space also gives you the opportunity to try a variety of new work styles. With no fixed working hours, you can try out a new routine every day. Maybe you are most productive when you work at night and need to rest during the day. Or maybe you prefer to work alone in a room without any noise.

By trying different work styles, you can find the one that best fits your needs, and as a result, your productivity will increase dramatically.

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