5 Ways to save up on electricity bills during the new normal!

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5 Ways to save up on electricity bills during the new normal!

Due to the pandemic, we’re now put in a situation where we have to spend more time at home. Being at home all day indeed boosts up the use of electronics.

Being at home all day certainly makes us use electronic devices more often. For example, if before AC or lights were only turned on when you came home from work, now they can be used for 24 hours. If things are going to continue this way, no doubt your electricity bill will swell!

No need to worry though, you can do these simple tricks to save up your electricity bills during stay at home. Check out below!

Use any electricity devices wisely

One of the most effective ways to save up electricity is by controlling the use of it effectively and wisely.

Pay more attention to electronic devices that require large electrical power for operation, such as air conditioning, TV, to washing machines.

Try to minimize the use by using devices with smaller power capacity. For an instance, if you want to watch something, instead of using the TV, you can use your smartphone as a substitute.

Switching to energy-efficient lighting

Using energy-saving lamps such as LED lamps can be one way to save electricity usage. You can get LED lights at affordable prices in E-commerce.

Make an electricity budget

To save on electricity usage, you can also make a budget. For example, every month the purchase of electricity tokens cannot be exceeded Rp100k. You also have to regularly check the electricity meter so that you can pay more attention to the usage.

Reduce the use of lights during the day

If your place has natural lighting, then turn off the lights during the day and simply turn them on at night. You can also open some windows and vents to get more light.

Unplug the cable from the sockets

This is indeed most often taken for granted, many people do not notice that it can increase electricity consumption. This is because the charger cable continues to flow electric current even if it is not used if it is not unplugged from the wall outlet.

So make it a habit to unplug the cable from the wall outlet so that electrical power is not wasted.

Well, those are some solutions to save up your electricity bills during the new normal.

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