Kost or co-living, which is more suitable for your needs?

Although the definitions of coliving and kost can be said to be similar, the two types of housing have significant differences.

Kost or co-living, which is more suitable for your needs?

For workers and students, the term kost is certainly familiar to the ear. Recently, there is a new type of residence that is starting to be popular with young people, namely coliving.

Although by definition coliving and kost are both defined as dwellings that are shared by several people, these two types of residence are actually different. Here are the differences.

Interaction between residents

Kost is a residential concept where someone will rent 1 room in a residence occupied by another person. Kost residents usually live separately without knowing each other and with little interaction. Interaction between residents of kost will usually only occur if someone has the personal initiative to get to know other residents.

Coliving is different. All residents of coliving will automatically become part of a community where they will interact, share and support one another. So, you could say that if you choose to live in a coliving space, you will not only get a new place to live, but also new friends and family members.

Supporting facilities

Unlike kost which are usually only supported by basic facilities, co-living space will usually provide additional facilities that support the activities of the residents.

One of the interesting facilities that you can find in the coliving space is the game room. Here the residents can play ping-pong, billiards, or video games together. The existence of a kitchen, a place to eat together, as well as a place to exercise such as a gym or a swimming pool also aims to increase the possibility of interaction between residents.

Usually, to get more facilities at kost, extra fees have to be paid. A co-living space allows you to use all of these facilities without paying more, you know! Coliving space managers do provide these facilities so that residents can really feel “living together” with other residents.


Co-living space is not just about the facilities. There are usually community managers who will be responsible for helping all residents in getting the best experience while living in a shared space.

Unlike kost owners who would usually have lesser interaction with their residents, the community manager of the coliving space has a much more active role. He/she is responsible for holding various networking events, game nights, and other events on a regular basis.

With the support of complete facilities and a community manager that actively helps residents to have the best living experience, it’s no wonder that the coliving lifestyle is very popular amongst the young people in big cities like Jakarta.

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