5 Fun activities that you can do in Menteng

Renting a place or live around Menteng? Here are 5 fun activities that you can do to fill your spare time!

5 Fun activities that you can do in Menteng

Known as a quite luxurious and strategic area in Jakarta, Menteng offers a million of convenience for you. Starting from easy access for mobility to offices to various choices of entertainment.

That makes Menteng one of the most popular areas to live in. For those of you who are currently planning to rent a room or are moving to an apartment in the Menteng area, here are 5 exciting activities that you can try to fill your spare time.

Get a breath of fresh air

Image: jejakpiknik

Even though it is located in the city center, Menteng has several green spaces that are suitable for relaxing such as Taman Suropati, Taman Situ Lembang, and Taman Menteng. This beautiful green space is often used by local residents for picnics, sports, or just taking a breath of fresh air. If you’re looking for a new atmosphere, this is the place!

Shopping at Grand Indonesia and Plaza Indonesia

Image: Grand Indonesia

For those of you who like to shop, hang out, or take a stroll, you can visit these two malls, Grand Indonesia and Plaza Indonesia. Here you can find various kinds of local and international brands that you rarely find in other places.

Shop for antiques on Jalan Surabaya

Image: Jakarta tourism

Wants something unique that you can’t get in ordinary places? You can hunt for antiques on Jalan Surabaya. Here you can find a wide collection of handicrafts, phonograph records, and other antiques — perfect for adding to your collection!

Hang out in cafes and restaurants

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Menteng is also filled with various trendy restaurants and cafes that offer cuisines from various countries. You can try Plataran Menteng, GIOI, Bunga Rampai, Anomali Coffee, Tjikini Lima, and many more!

Explore street food

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For those who are looking for a cheaper option for delicious culinary delights, you can eat a variety of dishes from street vendors along Jalan Cikini and Jalan Sabang at night.

Looking for a comfortable and affordable room in Menteng?

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