5 Best ways to deal with a noisy neighbor

Here is the best way to get enough rest and dealing with noisy neighbors. Number 5 is most effective!

5 Best ways to deal with a noisy neighbor

After a long day of full activities, it is understandable for you to return home and get some rest. And we all certainly know the importance of rest for our physical and mental health — especially for those of you who have demanding jobs.

However, what happens if you just closed your eyes while lying in bed, and suddenly your neighbor makes a scene? You certainly feel very disturbed and upset, right?

5 Smart ways to deal with noisy neighbors

To help you get enough rest and stress-free, you can try the following ways to deal with noisy neighbors.

Soundproof your room

To mute the noise of your neighbors and the sound coming from the streets, you can install soundproof foam on the walls and rubber around the doors and windows. While they won’t be completely muffled, they can help reduce noise.

Talk to your neighbor and discuss the problem

Sometimes, your neighbors may not even notice that they are making a commotion. For that, it is important for you to explain that you are disturbed so that they can understand. Do it well so that you can solve problems quickly whilst maintain good relationships.

Write a letter

If you feel reluctant to speak directly, you can also explain your problem by letter. Make sure to give a polite warning and give clear reasons so they can understand.

Report a complaint to the landlord

If the noise starting to get too much, you can record it and file a complaint to the landlord. As the holder of the highest authority, the owner of the building can reprimand more firmly — making sure that your neighbor will reduce their noise.

Move to coliving space

Apart from the 4 methods as mentioned above, there is one way that is guaranteed to be more effective — namely, moving to coliving space! Yes, besides getting complete facilities, nicer rooms, and guaranteed cleanliness, you can get your peaceful rest if you live in a coliving space for sure.

Coliving is a new residential sharing concept that is currently popular among millennials in big cities. When living in a coliving space, tenants will automatically become part of a community that follows the ethics of living together.

That’s the reason why the chances of having an “annoying” coliving companion are so low. If a problem occurs, the community manager of the coliving unit will usually immediately find the best solution, so you don’t have to worry!

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