3 Activities that you can do for ngabuburit

Bored with the same activities to kill the time? Here are 3 anti-mainstream activities that you can try at your kost!

3 Activities that you can do for ngabuburit

There is one exciting activity to do to keep our spirits up during Ramadan — yes, ngabuburit or known as passing time before Magrib. Evening time indeed is a critical moment during fasting, but we can do various activities to divert our minds so that we are not focused on waiting for the breakfasting hour.

Ngabuburit activities that are most often done are takjil hunting, evening stroll, and hanging out in cafes. However, with the pandemic, the options for ngabuburit activities are limited. But don’t worry! Here are 3 ideas for fun ngabuburit activities that you can do without leaving your place!

Cooking takjil and trendy menu for breakfasting

Instead of going out to buy takjil or a take-out, it’s better to cook the food yourself in the kitchen at your kost! Besides creating an atmosphere of togetherness, cooking by yourself is also more hygienic and enjoyable.

You can make traditional iftar foods such as kolak, bubur sumsum, or various kinds of stir fry. Or you can also make trendy foods such as martabak mini, Thai mango pudding, crispy tofu, and many more.

Playing fun, exciting games

Another fun activities that you can try is playing games. Invite your neighbors to gather and play various kinds of games such as Uno Stacko, ludo, snake and ladder, and so on. If your friends or neighbors are not available, you can play your favorite online games to fill your spare time.

Room decoration

Image: ROOTED STUDIO on Unsplash

Ever since the pandemic, we have had to do work from home. This, of course, can make you feel dull especially if you have a monotone room. So, in order to stay productive and have a comfortable feeling, take the time to decorate your room to make it more attractive.

You can look for inspiration on the internet and then buy the items you need on your go-to e-commerce. For those who want to be more creative, you can decorate the room with your own art. Whether it’s paintings or various kinds of crafts that you make to fill your free time.

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